Is Your Marriage Strugling?



Marriage Matters can help you improve your marital relationship with a clear understanding of how Jesus relates to His Bride, the New Testament Church.  Since God created marriage, He intended your marriage (like the Church) to be Christ-like and pleasing to Him.  Discover the true blessing of a heavenly marriage on earth, one filled with purpose, holiness, joy, and beauty.

Bruce White has written an impactful book on marriage based on Biblical truth, with great practical insight that will produce a marriage that fulfills God’s intended purpose, one that honors God, blesses the family, and gives testimony to what a covenant marriage should be. If you are newly married, long time married, or just considering marriage, you will benefit from Bruce White’s Marriage Matters. It will help you raise the bar and experience that permanent covenant between two imperfect people based on the perfect love of Jesus Christ.

Neal Jeffrey Lead Pastor, Dallas Campus, Prestonwood Baptist Church



This book helps good marriages become great, while also offering hope for marriages in desperate need of attention. Bruce reminds us that marriage is ultimately God’s design and should once again be reclaimed to its importance in the church and family. Marriage indeed matters!

Heath C. Peloquin, Director of Pastor/Church Relations, Southern Baptist of Texas Convention